Calendario de Transmisiones

Coverage of Mexican 1st Division Soccer League!
We bring listeners live coverage of the Mexican First Division Soccer Team matches, directly from the stadiums throughout Mexico: Highlights, stats and commentaries, plus in-depth interviews and a look-ahead to the prime time match-ups to be played the following weekend. Program includes a 30 minute pre-game and a 15 minute post –game. Broadcasts are produced in the US with narration and commentaries by sports experts Jorge Zambrano "Dr. Z" and Alex Pasos, with the support of our coverage in Mexico.

  • Day: Saturdays and Sundays (According to Calendar of the Tournament).
  • Length of Program: 2.5 hours.
  • Clearance Time: According to schedule of selected games.
  • Delivery: Streaming, Barix
  • Local Inventory: 14 minutes.
  • Network Inventory: 24 minutes.