Main geographic areas

In Spain, Prisa Radio's flagship station is Cadena SER, which boasts 481 stations, both directly owned and affiliates, broadcasting to the general public. Foremost among these stations is Cadena SER, a sports and music-based broadcast station. There’s also ONA fm and five music stations: 40 Principales, Cadena Dial, M80 Radio, Radiolé and Máxima FM.
Cadena SER closed 2009 confirming its absolute lead in the Spanish radio market, according to audit bureau figures from EGM. What's more, it widened its lead across all time slots and saw figures rise for its three main programs: 'Hoy por hoy', 'El larguero' and 'La ventana'.

The company’s music channels also posted buoyant figures, with the five music stations capturing 60% of the audience share.
Grupo Latino de Radio
Outside Spain, Prisa Radio’s radio activities in the Americas are grouped into the holding Grupo Latino de Radio (GLR), allowing the company to cater, from a pan-regional position, to all the most important Spanish-speaking American markets.
In the US, the radio group operates through two Spanish-language broadcasters, one in Los Angeles and throughout southern California, where 30% of the US Hispanic population live, and the other in Miami.

The company also owns GLR Networks, a production and distribution company for programs and commercials for 130 affiliated stations.

Caracol Radio
Caracol Radio, clear market leader in Colombia and one of Latin America’s most prestigious broadcasters, is another crucial Unión Radio player in this market.

Caracol produces and distributes up to ten different spoken word and music radio broadcast formats.
Iberoamericana Radio Chile
In July 2007, Prisa Radio strengthened its presence in the Americas with the acquisition of Chile's largest broadcaster, Iberoamericana Radio Chile, which merged with the stations operated by CRC, creating Iberoamericana Radio Chile.
The company is market leader with 11 different radio formats, six of which make the Top Ten ranking. There are 212 stations nationwide, with ADN and 40 Principales reaching as far afield as Easter Island.
Iberoamericana Radio Chile contributes decisively to the industry by generating content that truly appeals to audiences through specifically target-oriented programming (young people, women, adults and mass appeal).
In Mexico, Prisa Radio operates through Radiópolis, 50% owned by Televisa and managed by Prisa Radio. Radiópolis, through its 121 stations, either owned directly or through affiliates, broadcasts spoken word radio stations W Radio and Estadio W and music stations Kebuena, Bésame and Los 40 Principales.