Tie-in books

Thanks to an agreement between Cadena SER and publishing house Ediciones Santillana, there have been a number of successful radio tie-in books based on radio programs or special broadcast contributions. The most recent highlights include:
1) “La Buena Crisis de Alex Rovira”: keys to business and personal transformation.
2) “Atrévete, con los límites de la realidad”, by Javier Cárdenas, anchor and presenter of the program Atrévete, broadcast by Cadena Dial. Features real-life stories from listeners
3) Maletín Bricosex. Adult-themed boxed set including book, cards, games and a CD aimed at spicing up your love life. Includes some of the best moments from the hit show Anda Ya.
4) ¿Te Atreves? by Lofti El-Ghandouri and directed by Alex Rovira: Lifestyle coaching and self-help book urging readers to dare to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.