Tajeta 40 Principales

The Tarjeta 40 Principales is a co-branded credit/debit card launched by the 40 Principales brand in 1997 and present in Mexico and Colombia since 2008.
Since its launch it has attracted more than 600,000 users.
There are two types: VISA Classic (credit card) and VISA Electron (debit card).
Prisa Radio, in coordination with the bank La Caixa, runs campaigns all year round to capture new clients, promoting special offers and exclusive discounts. Taking advantage of the 40 infrastructure, campaigns are run in conjunction with a partner, whom we help reach the youth market directly, enabling them to promote brand awareness and launch new products.
We offer card holders personalized special offers, direct discounts on purchases and exclusive products such as:
Discounts on: concert tickets, cinema tickets, theme parks, cultural events, sports, fashion, travel, gasoline and language courses etc.
*Free for users under the age of 26.
*Credit (monthly or weekly) or debit.
*Mobile phone charging.
*Points/rewards schemes.
The 40 Principales Visa card is covered by Caixaprotect, a free service protecting users from fraud, loss or robbery.
The 40 Principales Visa card is free and is part of the LKXA program, a Caixa bank brand integrating services and products aimed at younger clients and offering financial products at favorable rates, including zero commission, current accounts and bank books.