40 Latino

40 Latino is a TV channel specializing in Spanish-language music, covering a wide range of genres and performers, from rock to singer-songwriters, and from Latin music classics to folk-fusion.
The channel is home to a broad spectrum of styles and has set the standard in Spain for music television over the past eight years. The channel has seen buoyant audience ratings and has become an obligatory port of call for fans eager to catch the all the latest trends in Spanish-language music.
40 Latino broadcasts 24 hours a day. Unlike its “big brother” 40TV, 40 Latino has neither presenters nor programs, per se. Some 70% of the playlist is given over to current hits, with the remainder featuring the great classics of Spanish-language music. The ratio of new hits to unforgettable favorites is three to one.
Broadcast content is based on music videos and live performances, but there’s room too for slots dedicated to a specific performer or concert.
Monday through Friday, the channel plays Spanish-language hits of broad general appeal, while weekends are given over to Latin dance music, giving Fridays and Saturdays a more festive feel.
Channel style is laid-back and friendly, with warm, pastel tones giving the station an approachable feel: 40 Latino keeps you company, but doesn’t intrude.
40 Latino is currently available on Digital+ and DTT