Los40.com is a web portal that brings together all the latest music news in Spanish in a fresh, engaging format.
Since undergoing a revamp in 2008, it has made enormous strides in the multimedia world, incorporating:
*More than 40 online radio channels and ten online TV stations.
*Music videos on demand.
*In-house productions from 40TV and 40 Principlaes.
The web portal encourages user interaction and participation, thus generating a vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of users who identify with the brand. Every day thousands of users meet up on the site to exchange opinions and likes, and interact with radio broadcasts. Meanwhile, the system encourages users to share content through social networking sites.
Since 2008, the portal has also incorporated new sections, such as Game40, focussing on video games and which is linked to the analog radio version (40 Principales), TV (40TV) and print media (Revista40).
The model has been successfully exported to all the countries where 40 Principales has an active presence: Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and Guatemala.
Los40.com is the world’s leading site for Spanish-language music news in Spain and Latin America, with an average monthly unique visitor figure of more than 3 million users.