La Revista 40

La Revista 40 is a monthly magazine focussing on pop music and other aspects of youth culture (cinema, fashion, TV, sports, technology, video games). Content is presented in an upbeat style and revolves around the tastes of the general public.
The magazine plays a crucial role in the branding strategy of the group: its vocation is not to post profits at any price but, by fostering a certain style and philosophy, to maintain a position of leadership in the sector in keeping with the mission of the group as a whole. 
Content and coverage is complete, comprehensive, rigorous, lively and engaging.
* The publication resists pressure from the music industry (be they performers, record companies or concert promoters).
* Policy is informed by editorial concerns, brand initiatives and interests, just as our readers expect.
La Revista 40 is written for a young, diverse readership, without favoring one particular age group or sex.
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