Nova & Lirics&Music

Nova and Lirics&Music
Nova is a Gran Vía Musical publishing company, set up in the early 1970s and aimed at securing performing rights to the most popular bands, singers and songwriters in Spain. In 2010, Gran Vía Musical acquired the music publishing company Lirics & Music, S.L, alongside record label Horus.
The resulting catalog contains more than 10,000 song titles, among them the very best of Spanish music of the past few decades, including:
  • Macarena (Los del Río),
  • Alma de blues (Presuntos Implicados),
  • Ni tú, ni nadie (Alaska y Dinarama),
  • Cien Gaviotas (Duncan Dhu),
  • Pisando fuerte (Alejandro Sanz),
  • Bienvenidos (Miguel Ríos),
  • Devuélveme a mi chica (Hombres G), etc.
In 2004, Nova and Lirics signed a deal with Clipper’s (Span’s biggest independent publisher) allowing Clipper’s to manage and update their back catalogue.
Nova and Lirics are responsible for optimizing radio broadcast rights for Prisa Radio’s broadcast channels.