Radio is at the core of all Prisa Radio’s business activities and operations.
And the figures tell a very positive story: more than 26 million people tune in every day to one of the 1,222 stations across our network. It’s a “traditional” media outlet, focussed on news, music, entertainment and sports.
Radio content can be broken down by type: conventional, spoken-word radio and theme-based radio (music, business, sorts, etc)
Conventional spoken-word radio
This category covers a broad spectrum of content, depending on the demands of each target audience segment across all time slots, and generally blends news and information with entertainment:
  •  It’s aimed at the general public and cast its net wide.
  •  it’s public service radio
Theme-base radio
Typically music-based and categorized by:
  • The type of music featured on the playlist, production style, format, frequency of repeated songs, and, last but not least, by advertising slots.
  • Music radio is all about brand: discover, choose and learn
But can music radio be redefined as new media outlet? What do we understand as radio in the 21st century? Radio has now become a multimedia product – albeit an audio-based one – which is broadcast as a branded, packaged product with its own coherent and inherent logic in terms of programming, and is broadcast and consumed via any number of media platforms.